Tips on Buying Bedspreads for your bed


Tips on Buying Bedspreads for your bed

Bedspreads are a better version of sheets. They have thicker construction and add warmth that can come in handy during long winter nights. Unlike bedsheets, which are smaller in size, bedspreads are longer and go all the way to the floor. Given their size, bedspreads can also be used to make a bed look larger than its original size. It is not just the colour scheme and design you should be looking for; other things matter as well.


Before buying bedspreads, it is a good idea to look at the size of the room and also the size of the bed. It is not a good idea to use large bedspreads for small rooms with little difference between the bed and the walls. This can give a constricted look to the bedroom. If you have a standard queen bed, try buying bedspreads that have vertical lines or patterns to enhance the size.


Bedspreads are made of a variety of materials. It is advisable to pick a fabric that is comfortable yet stylish. Look at the weaving patterns and thread per inch count of cotton sheets. A bedspread with higher thread count will offer greater comfort as it has softer texture. You can examine the texture and elasticity of polyester by stretching it a little.

Easy Wash

Bedspreads come in two types. One type is those that you only use for décor and special occasions while the other is for regular use. Cotton appears as the easiest fabric to wash. All you need is a good detergent and lukewarm water to do the cleaning. You may need to be careful in washing other fabrics. There should not be any problems as long as you are following the instructions.

Bedspreads can offer you the perfect surface to lie on after a tiring day. With a little effort, you can ensure the best sleeping arrangement with bedspreads that also add to your bedroom décor