Romantic bed linens


Romantic bed linens

To achieve a particular look or atmosphere in a room involves good design and co-ordination of the decor and furnishings. In a bedroom, the bed and bed linen is a significant part of that, as the bed is usually the largest and most obvious piece of furniture in the room. A bedroom is the only completely private room in a house and it should be possible to indulge design and decoration tastes to a degree that doesn`t always happen in other, more public rooms.

Choose a colour for true love
The colour of a room is one of the most significant choices to be made. To achieve a romantic feel, whites or pastel colours may be selected. Duck egg or blue, along with a selection of different shades of pink and lavender are currently fashionable and give a traditional romantic feel. However, romantic doesn`t need to be roses and lovebirds; rich colours such as purple, ruby and midnight blue may be chosen instead and are very suitable for a boudoir. These colours can be used in a room with darker walls, gilt mirrors and velvet drapes at the windows. This is romance but in a different style.

Plain or patterned for romance
Along with the colours, a decision needs to be made about plain or patterned bed linen Small light patterns on a pale background give a light and summery touch to a room which is romantic. Plain white or maybe a shade of off white may also be suitable. On the other hand, bold patterns to go with rich colours can give a sensuous feel. A jacquard fabric has the pattern woven in and this can give a touch of opulence.

What items to add adornment?
Most people have duvets on their beds but there is still some choice about what bed linen will be used. Pillows   do they have piping round the seams, frills, ribbon stitched as a border? Will the bottom sheet be plain, fitted or will there be a valance? If there is a valance, gathered or pleated? Some ranges of bed linen have runners to put across the duvet, others have cushions. These can be added in the same colour as the duvet and pillow or in tones to match. To go with pale patterned bed linen, maybe pick out one colour for cushions. For a duvet in rich colours, think of cushions or runners with gold or silver trim.

The feel of fabric
There is a choice of fabric which also may add to the romance. Some ranges include velvet trimmings which give a feel of luxury. Sheets and duvet covers are available in different types of cotton. For example, there is sateen, a luxurious cotton with a shiny finish. Egyptian cotton is a good quality fabric and smooth to the touch. A fabric which feels sensuous against the skin is a good choice.

A romantic feel to a bedroom can be achieved in many different ways. There`s lots of choice to be made and it may be worth looking at bed linen for some inspiration. There`ll be lots of fun choosing!