Cotton Filled Pillows Vs. Synthetic Fibre Filled Pillows


Cotton Filled Pillows Vs. Synthetic Fibre Filled Pillows

There is a debate among users and manufacturers about the pros and cons of using cotton or synthetic fibre filled pillows. While cotton filled pillows have been around for centuries, synthetic fibres have only recently entered the picture. There are many advantages of using pillows that use cotton fibres as the filling material. There are also some advantages of using pillows that are filled with synthetic fibres. The lines below shed light on the positive and negative aspects of both these filling materials.

Cotton Fillings

Cotton filled pillows are considered the epitome of luxury and style. They are also considered the most comfortable and durable. There are, however, strings attached to this general perception about cotton. There are some cotton filled pillows that last longer and provider greater comfort. There are also some cotton filled pillows that are not as comfortable and may actually cause head and neck pain. It all boils down to the quality of cotton used in filling. Good quality cotton that is filled densely into the pillow will provide greater comfort than one of inferior quality that is filled sparingly. A pillow needs to provide some support to the head and neck and poor quality cotton tends to get soggy and torn in a few weeks.

Synthetic Fillings

Synthetic fillings are getting popular by the day. These fillings are made from a slew of synthetic fibres, some of which are specifically designed for pillows. The fillings emulate the comfort and feel of cotton fibres to varying degrees. These fibres, however, do not come with the same price tag as expensive varieties of cotton. Synthetic fibres are thus more affordable and provide significant comfort to users. Some of these fibres are made by keeping into account the problems of those suffering from head and neck pain. Synthetic pillows are also good for those suffering from allergies especially if special varieties are used as filling materials.

It all depends on the choice of users. Cotton remains the filling material of choice but synthetic fibres are emerging as an alternative, Cotton Filled Pillows are the best.