Egyptians Cotton bed sheets, safe choice for hotels


Egyptians Cotton bed sheets, safe choice for hotels

Hotels run their businesses on the concept of comfort and hospitality, many guests first like to view the room before signing in for stay and if they enjoy their stay they would recommend to many more. So hotel business is quite competitive and quality stuff matters when it comes to lay an impression on guests. Any poor selection of bed sheets or pillows and their business can go down, a single bad recommendation would cause negative effect; therefore hotel manager put emphasis on buying quality bed sheet on which the guest will certainly have the touch and feel. White hotel bed sheets remain the standard in hotels around the world and nothing is more comfortable than cotton. These sheets are made from a variety of fabrics though cotton remains the most popular material. While buying bed sheets for a hotel, it is important to select a fabric that is comfortable as well as durable, easy to bleach and starch for crispness.

Cotton hotel bed sheets offer style and elegance and are also easier to wash and dry in huge laundry machines. These sheets come in varieties. The quality of hotel bed sheets is entirely dependent on the type of fabric used. Quality of a bed sheet is determined by a number of factors. First and foremost is the weaving pattern and yarn length. Shorter cotton yarns woven in a poor construction spoil the quality of the bed sheet. It does not have the texture and durability required by hotels, they need good size and thick quality sheets. Sheets made from Egyptian cotton are used around the world; these are preferred for their smooth texture, longer yarns and better weaving patterns. Synthetic fibres add a unique flow of their own. Bed sheets using a mix of cotton and synthetic fibres can be a good addition to your inventory as long as they emulate the elasticity and comfort of pure cotton.

A hotel purchase manager would go after Egyptian cotton sheets and pillow case because of quality it can adversely impact the reputation of a hotel. It is thus better to purchase hotel bed sheets with enough consideration of fabric and design, one such place to send an enquiry for hotel requirement is Canaria, they manufacture white cotton bed sheets of all size, thickness and blend.

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