Textile for hospitals, white cotton sheets verses green one


Textile for hospitals, white cotton sheet verses green one

Textile for hospitals, white cotton sheets verses green one

Bed linen is one of the most indispensable items in the hospital inventory.  In most hospitals, operation theatres usually have green bed sheets as the virtues of green have won the global favours.  It has become a global practice that green bed sheets are preferred over white in operation theatres around the world. There are many reasons given behind the selection of green colour, white bed sheet may make blood too visible and may hid some of the white surgical items in use. Surgeons need a clear view of the body and the bleeding situation and green helps them in ascertaining the patient’s condition. White sheets are mostly used in the wards where there are reduced changes of bleeding.  While blood is visible on the green, it does not create as gory feeling as that on a white sheet. This reason is also used as a psychological factor where doctors may misread the bleeding patterns. A white sheet often exaggerates the extent of bleeding while a green sheet allows for a more accurate visual calculation.

White bed linen is a standard as it is easier to clean; the magic of bleach does it all. It is also a preferred choice as linen is more comfortable than most other fabrics. White is the chosen colour as it immediately alerts nurses in case of a bleeding or other problems.  Whit is used everywhere from examination rooms to hospital wards and laboratories. You can purchase the best hospital bed linen for your hospital if you know certain basics of the trade. One should not compromise on comfort when it comes to hospital bed linen. There have been many variants of standard linen with some not offering the same comfort as others. You can find the best linen by examining its construction. Run a hand over it and feel the fabric. Do you find any coarseness or the fabric has a smooth run? Try to stretch the fabric a little. It should have considerable elasticity as it helps prolong the life of the fabric.

Hospital bed linen needs frequent washing and given the massive use of hospital bed linen, try finding a variety that can last longer than the others. With little effort, you can find the best linen for your hospital, clinic, nursing or maternity home. A focus on quality and usability will enable you to find the best fabric. If you are looking for a source of quality hospital bed linen, green or white cotton sheets, visit the website canariatextile.com or just drop an e-mail on info@canariatex.com