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Arstwo soft launches a website to buy duvet covers and bedsheets online


T&B Online shopping offers quality bedding products at reasonable prices to consumers in the UK. Our products are made of 100% cotton according to the Oeko-Tex Standards.

Towels and Bedsheets is an online business operated by the professionals who have great passion for producing quality bedding products at reasonable prices for the European market, especially for the United Kingdom. Recently launched website listed with quality products made of 100% cotton, the duvet covers with pillowcases, fitted bedsheets, bathrobes and bathsheets.

Currently offering Duvet Covers sets of 22 unique patterns for Double Bed, King Size and Super King sizes. We have got two types of duvet covers with pillowcases, the Standard quality and the Premium one. All our duvet covers are reversible and made of 100% cotton. We have also got the matching fitted sheets in various sizes and colours.

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