Cotton Vs. Synthetic Fibres; Which One Is Better?


Cotton Vs. Synthetic Fibres; Which One Is Better?

Cotton Vs. Synthetic Fibres: Which One Is Better?

There has been a debate about the superiority of natural cotton versus synthetic fibres for decades. Cotton enthusiasts say that the natural construction of the fibre makes it the perfect choice for making any type of clothing item. Those favouring synthetic fibres question the plain feature of cotton and cite the design variations offered by synthetic clothing. Both these groups raise some valid points but ignore others. The lines below list the good and bad features of both the clothing materials.


Cotton has been around for thousands of years. It was the first naturally occurring material that was transformed into clothing items. Men used to cover his body with leaves and animal hides before the discovery of wild cotton plants in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Cotton soon became the clothing fabric of choice and continues to enjoy global popularity. Cotton is known for its soft texture and greater breathing space. The breathing space denotes the permeability of air and moisture that helps keeping the body well-ventilated. Cotton is also an all-weather clothing materials. It is used in making shirts, trousers, undergarments and score of other clothing items.

Synthetic Fibres

Synthetic fibres are made from a variety of sources. Some uses nylon and variants of cotton and polyester while other rely on newly created fabrics. The synthetic material distinguishes the fabric from ordinary cotton or silk. Synthetic fibres were considered to be fake and uncomfortable when the first varieties came into the market. They had little breathable features as the fabric was woven tightly, leaving little space for the body to breathe. Perspiration and a sense of uneasiness was common among people who wore synthetic fibres. This made cotton the clear cut winner in those times. The advent of new technologies has made synthetic fibres as breathable as cotton. Modern synthetic fibres also come with many added features such as greater absorption, which is not available with cotton.

In contemporary times, there is not much difference between cotton and synthetic fibre, it ultimately boils down to the choice of the person who is wearing the fabric.