Cotton Organdy fabric is a sheer, lightweight and crisp material


Cotton Organdy fabric is a sheer, lightweight and crisp material

Cotton Organdy fabric is a sheer, lightweight and crisp material

Organdy fabric is the sheerest and crispest cotton cloth which is made using combed yarns and that’s what contribute to its appearance. Organdy is typically made of cotton fibers, it’s yarn is spun, which means it is created by spinning together short fibers to create a long yarn, a continuous thread but its sheerness and crispness are the result of an acid finish. Organdy is a balanced plain weave but due of its stiffness and fibre content, it is very prone to wrinkling. Organza is the filament yarn counterpart to organdie which is a plain weave silk fabric. Organdy is very easy to work with and pleats easily, this sheer material is ideal for enhancing garments with a touch of classic elegance, and is commonly used in children clothing. Organdy is great for crafting; the sheer material enriches any project. The fabric also makes splendid curtains as it provides privacy while allowing in the light.

In simple words, Organdy is a sheer, lightweight, cotton fabric made with an open, plain weave and very fine, tightly twisted single yarns. One can find organdie in three types; stiff, semi stiff and soft.  Soft one is commonly used in summer clothing, stiff drape that may be gathered, pleated or shirred into a bouffant fullness, also it may be used alone or paired with another fabric to add fullness and loft. The wrinkles of this fabric can be removed with a hot iron.   As it is made with tightly twisted yarns, crispness is due to a finish with starch and calendaring which washes out but a permanent crispness obtained with heberlein process. It is important to note that organdie fabric wrinkles badly unless given balkanising finish. At the same time organdy can be bleached, dyed, printed, frosted, flocked or embroidered.