Canvas Cloth and Tent Manufacturing


To manufacture a tent, should you not need cotton material then make sure that there is no cotton in the material you are selecting. If cotton is needed, you would have to make sure that the cotton material you get is 100% cotton with water resistant treatment.  Tent manufacturing industry is big, it’s a product of global need, all camper need tents and tents get wasted during use due to several reasons so a production line is always working.  There are hundreds of tent manufacturers in the UK and they make variety of tents utilising different fabric and styles and in most cases their fabric is treated to make tents water proof.

Densely knitted fabric is specially produced for tents, 100% cotton cloth was a preference of several manufacturers because it’s easy to work with no condensation. It was an excellent material for making a superior tent however they are uncommon now, mostly due to their weight when compared with the modern days’ artificial materials.

Decades ago tents were simple, they were all made of canvas, a traditional 100% cotton fabric as it was a great material for making superior tents for rich people for comfort. Modern tents are not made of canvas because the disadvantage is its weight compared with modern, manmade fabrics. One can’t beat the wonderful atmosphere inside a traditional cotton tent.  Canvas fabric tents are good for keeping you cool on hot days and warm during the cold nights.

Cotton naturally breathes, so it is less prone to condensation than modern fabrics. Some cotton tents have a weather-proof coating but that makes it less breathable.  For their outdoor activities, many still look for tents made of canvas to enjoy the luxury lifestyle during camping.

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