Your home decor is incomplete without cushions


colourful cushions

Your home decor is incomplete without cushions

No doubt, cushion enhance the home decor as well as the style to your living room. You can also use cushions in lieu of pillows as they make for an excellent head support in your bed room.

For most people the seat cushions are necessary item for your living room sofas as they add new dimension to your living room and other places with these cushions. Brightly coloured cushions will be better if the living room has a casual decor that is low on colours. Simple yet elegant cushions will be better if the couches, carpet and other items comprise of an interesting mix of colours.

One can experiment with the colours, designs and patterns in bedroom cushion unlike the living room, where you need to be cautious of the décor. Embroidered and embellished cushions will be a good addition to your bedroom. A plush cotton or silk cushion cover is equally good especially if you like the décor to be simple yet captivating.

Fancy cushions are a perfect antidote to a botched paint job or falling off plaster. All you need to do is to place them strategically over that spot. This will not only hide the eyesore but will also improve room décor. Fancy cushions need special cleaning. They are made of cotton, silk, polyester and synthetic fibres. You can prolong their life by following the manufacturers’ instructions. With a little effort, you can use cushions to infuse a new life into your home décor.

Cushions are available in both simple and fancy designs. The latter is preferred by most people as it adds colours to a room. The vibe created by an exquisite cushion is enough to ward off any peculiarities of improper décor. You will find cushions to be adorned with mirrors, beads, embellishments, embroidery and weaving patterns. Modern cushions may also contain digital images and other innovative features.