Bed covers protect bedding and enhance décor


Bed covers protect bedding and enhance décor

Why Use Bed Covers?

Bed covers and part and parcel of any bedroom. It has become almost impossible to imagine a bedroom without bed covers. What are these bed covers? There is some confusion about the term. It is thus important to first clear these misconception. A bed cover is the same as a bed sheet or a bed spread. Some mistake bed covers for duvet covers, which are technically a separate entity.

Bed covers are an integral part of any bedroom as you may otherwise have to spend heavily on replacing mattress covers and even the mattress itself. Bed covers protect the bedding from the elements including moisture, dust and accidental spillovers. Bed covers also enhance the décor of a bedroom. The primary focus of bed covers, however, remains on keeping the bedding neat and tidy.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to using bed covers to enhance bedroom décor. One school thinks that bed covers do not play as crucial a role to improve the look of a bedroom. This school cites the importance of overall décor, paintings, rugs, pillow covers and furniture. They say that all these elements combine to create a unique look of a bedroom.

The other school opines that exquisite bed covers can divert the attention of visitors from a drab bedroom décor. A sequinned and embellished bed cover that matches well with the décor can conceal some bald spots in the bedroom. The visitor’s attention will be focused on the exquisite bed cover instead of other items in the room. This second school has gained currency in recent years. Many people now pay more attention to their bed covers than they used to do in the past.  Bed covers thus play the crucial role of protecting the bedding from the elements as well as provide an opportunity to enhance your bedroom’s décor.