Cellular blankets are ideal for the hospitals


Cellular blankets are ideal for hospital

The Cotton Cellular blankets are widely used in European hospitals. Their light open-weave fabric traps air to keep you cosy on cooler summer nights and also gives good insulation in winter, without adding extra weight.  One can add a stylish and luxurious finishing touch to his or her room by purchasing 100% Cotton Cellular blanket.  In the hospitals along with blankets, bed sheet  are used for covering mattress by the staff that is responsible for dealing with the bed linen. These sheets are not very glamorous but are easy to keep clean. Staff is careful in dealing with highly contaminated sheets and if they don’t, then all type of bugs could be passed around the hospital and same stands for blanket wash, cotton cellular blankets are easy to wash as compared to the woolen blankets.

This is one of the major reason hospitals use blankets not duvets because duvets are very hard to keep clean and dangerous bacteria and viruses would breed in it. The hospital staff wears aprons and gloves when dealing with used dirty sheets and keep them in bag so that there is less chance of infection being past. Just imagine if they have to do this for duvets, how much space they would need and how heavy they would get. Therefore cotton blankets are recommended for hospitals.

If your hospital is looking for 100% cotton cellular blankets, one of the best sources is Canaria Textiles.  Canaria can ship Dyed, Printed Woven sheets in various fabrics of cotton or poly cotton, with thread counts ranging from 120 to 400 in Satin and plain weaves. All sizes of blankets are possible as well as with the hospital monograms; various sizes and constructions are requested by clients from different countries around the world. All sheets are easy-care and fully machine-washable, with very minimal shrinkage and no ironing required feature. One can transform any adjustable hospital bed into a soothing retreat with custom sewn bed sheet and Cellular blankets which are ideal for the hospitals.