Your Bedroom and the perfect lighting


Your Bedroom and the perfect lighting

Bedrooms should be the last place in your home for heavy lighting. Dim lighting is the best way of illuminating bedrooms. They are soothing to eyes and can help you in relaxing after a long and tiring day at work. It is important to keep the décor and type of bedding in mind while installing lights in your bedroom.


You cannot install heavy lighting in a small bedroom and vice versa. It is therefore important to use a lighting system that provides best illumination as per the size of your bedroom. Lighting can be used to make a room look larger or smaller. Also consider the height of the room as using heavy lighting in bedrooms with lower roofs can create a claustrophobic look. You can use low-height lamps and wall fixtures to make the room look bigger.


If you watch TV in your bedroom and work on computer then you might need brighter lighting. Otherwise, lighter shades are a better option. You can also create two sections of lighting in your bedroom. This way, you can use softer tones in the sleeping area and relatively sharper lights in the work area.


It is always good to match the lighting arrangement with your bedding. Using loud colours in a brightly lit room can create a negative vibe and cause headache. White or light-coloured sheets are better for brightly lit rooms. Cotton sheets will be an ideal companion to any lighting system though you have to be careful about the colour scheme.

Do not use opaque lamps near the bed or in rooms with smaller to average size. They can create poor lighting patterns that do not look visually appealing.  It is wise spending time on deciding about the right lighting system for your bedroom. It can go a long way in helping you creating a relaxing bedroom décor.

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