Home comfort in hotel beds!


Hotel beds are not a special item. They are the same that you have in your bedroom. The only difference is that of comfort. Most people find hotel beds to be extra cosy and comfortable that can lull them to sleep. This comfort can be created at home and the good thing is that you do not need much to do.

What is different about Hotel Beds?

Hotel beds differ from home beds in their comfort level. There are also differences on dimensions. While you can purchase a made-on-order bed as per required specifications, hotel beds come in industry sizes. You will thus find single beds, queen size beds and king size beds in hotels. Hotel beds usually have thicker mattresses that further add to their comfort factor. Another difference is that of bedding where hotels use plush bed sheets, duvets, pillows and quilts.

How to Recreate Hotel Comfort?

You can have the same comfortable bed and bedding as you experienced in a hotel. Start with the bed itself. If you have an old, lower-platform bed then you need to change that. Replace that with a medium or high platform bed depending on the height of people that will sleep on it.

You will need thick and comfortable mattresses to help in comfortable sleep. You can choose between standard mattresses with extra flexibility or special varieties such as water beds. It is important to keep medical conditions in mind before buying a mattress. A poor choice in this regard can cause serious problems.

Bedding is equally important if you want to have a cosy bed for sleeping. Try buying fabrics that are known for their soft texture such as cotton, microfibre and polyester. Silk is another popular fabric that adds elegance while also providing you with a plush sleeping surface.

Add comfortable duvets and pillows with down feather and you will have a hotel bed comfort in your home.

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