Giant Pattern bedding looks awesome


Giant printed sheets were very common back in the 60’s and 70s but many still have the taste for it.  Now, that trend is evolving again to bigger and bigger patterns and there are many manufacturers catering this need.  Giant, over-scaled printed patterns are the latest trend for bedding.  Canaria is one of the manufacturers who offer bed sheets which combine luxury, comfort and fineness of cotton with the easy care qualities. When picking up bedding items, the thread count is an important factor. It is understood that the higher the thread count the better the quality and higher than 200 thread count is classed as luxury bedding.

There are plenty of suppliers where floral printed bed sheets are available in vibrant colours and have coloured floral print on it.  At the same time a designer bed sheet set creates long lasting impression to any home decor. The luxury bedding items are made of high grade fabrics and are easy to maintain because they are made of fine cotton and manufactured from the long staple fibres which allow the bedding to be soft and durable.

Shown in the picture above is giant pattern bedding and note that it has not make decorating the rest of the room challenging. Above example can be followed to have your bedroom decor set.  If you buy a duvet cover with a bright large print, it provides a great focal point in the room. The only problem is that sometimes it may feel too dramatic, and too noticeable.

Dyed and printed woven sheets, duvet covers, flat sheets and comforters all can bring new look in your bedroom and you can do decoration around it.  If you love brilliant colours, you would find it awesome, so go for some bright colours and coordinate them perfectly with your bedroom.

Comfort for the user is the primary objective in luxury bedding, next comes the patterns and on top of that if its beautiful floral print it would invite you to sit in the bedroom longer. In the past few years, printed flowery bed sheets have returned to vogue and delicate printed patterned sheets are all the rage at various retailers all over the world. This is an interesting trend, and many love the look of these large-scale prints.

Helen Roberto is a freelance writer and loves to participate in discussion of textile industry globally. In her spare time, she works as an admin to maintain this blog and few others. Her knowledge on the subject has benefited many associated to home textile manufacturing and marketing.