Synthetic fibre, light weight but quite warm blankets


Synthetic fibre, light weight but quite warm

Acrylic blankets are gaining popularity with each passing day because they are economical, easy to wash and quick dry item.  Although a relatively new entrant, they have gained a strong foothold given their plush texture and greater warmth. Acrylic is a synthetic fibre and is thus free of the natural constraints of other fabrics such as cotton and silk. It is produced in a number of ways to emulate the qualities of other fabrics. Acrylic used in blankets offers the same warmth and comfort as wool. It, however, is much lighter than wool and has a softer texture. This makes for an ideal blanket material.

Acrylic blankets come in many shapes, colours and designs. This makes it easier for you to pick a design that best suits your needs. A lighter shade with minimal design features will look good on all types of bedroom décor. Before buying an embroidered blanket, you will need a careful evaluation of the overall bedroom décor. Irrespective of the design and colour, acrylic blankets will offer the same warmth and comfort. You can use them as your regular blanket. They are equally good for use as children’s blankets.

Acrylic blankets come with many benefits. They are light-weight and softer and thus are easier to wash and dry. You can wash them in your regular washing machine as it will not affect the fabric. You can also wash them by hand in lukewarm water. It is, however, not recommended to dry them in a regular dryer especially if you have turned on the heavy mode. This can destroy the fabric. It is better to dry them in the open or use a lighter mode of machine drying. Acrylic blankets can last for years if proper washing and drying care is taken. This will enable you to continue enjoying the cosy and warm protection of acrylic blankets against the chilling weather.