Plush and Warm Outdoor Blankets


Plush and Warm Outdoor Blankets

Outdoor blankets give you the freedom to lounge in gardens and parks on a cold day. They are lighter than their bedroom counterparts and can also be used as a comfy surface to lie on. Outdoor blankets are made of a large variety of fabrics. Choosing the right construction can help you in ensuring durability and easy cleaning.


Traditional outdoor blankets are made of wool and variants. Newer types, however, are made of cotton, fleece, polyester and synthetic fibres. Construction varies depending on the purpose of use. Conventional woollen carpets are good for picnics or spending lazy afternoons in a park. They do not provide protection against rain as water can easily seep through them. They are warm enough to provide greater warmth than synthetic fibres and this tip the balance in their favour.

Terrycloth blankets are another popular variety that can keep you warm on a cold day. They also provide better cover against the elements if you use them as spreads. Camping blankets are now made of special fibres that are water resistant and have greater durability. Some of them are flexible enough to fit in a small duffel bag thus making transportation easier.


Outdoor blankets did not have much design variation earlier. These days, you can find them with intricate embroidery, multi-colour patterns, digital images and embellishments. You can use this to buy a blanket that best suits your needs and matches with your style quotient.


Outdoor blankets require special maintenance. You should wash woollen blankets in lukewarm water or as per the manufacturer instructions. Synthetic fibres require special attention as they are made of different materials and can be destroyed in case of improper washing. Dry these blankets in open air instead of a dryer.

You can use outdoor blankets in many locations. You can even incorporate them into your home décor. They will look great as a floor rug.