Cotton Patchwork Textile


Creating the patchwork cover for your comforter is not so difficult.  One can use new or recycled fabrics for the patchwork design, but a consistent fabric thickness should be maintained by using cotton fabrics only. Patchwork cushions, quilts and pillow cases are more suited in a county-styled bedroom.

How to sew Cotton Patchwork Textile

To start with, you would need a measuring standard so that all patches are of same size. Measure and cut out a 3 square inch from the cardboard to use as a patchwork square template. You can go for slightly bigger square for larger size products. Next, pin two squares together along one edge. Sew either using handle needle and thread or a sewing machine. Add a third square to extend patchwork.

The sewing strategy should be to make long rectangles by the same method. The pin and sew the rectangles together along the long edges to make the patchwork square. Next cut the quilt batting to the exact size of the patchwork square. Layer the batting and patchwork square on a flat surface and insert a safety pin in the centre of each square to secure the both layers. Then hand sews through the seam lines connecting the patchwork squares to quilt the patchwork.

Cotton patch work is not difficult but time consuming or it can be taken as a hobby. Her I have given brief instructions how to do it but you can find several books in the market which give detailed instructions on this craft. You can buy DVDs showing step by step instructions for patchwork on your computer or TV to follow.