Enjoy the comfort of large duvets


Enjoy the comfort of large duvets

Duvets, which literally mean “down” from their Norse origin, are a mix between bedsheets and quilts. Like quilts, they come with fillings that can be feather or synthetic material. Unlike quilts, they can be used as bedsheets and are now available in many designs and layouts. Perhaps the best thing about duvets is that they are warm and cosy enough to provide comfort to the entire family.

Duvets in Sets

Try buying duvets in bulk if you want to save money. A single duvet will cost you more but will not provide the comfort you had been looking for. It will only be good for two to three people while others have to make do with the existing quilts and sheets. Duvets are available in a pack of six and more comprising of duvets, covers, pillows and accessories. You can find significant discounts on duvets if you visit clearance sales or utilize Internet offers.

Things to Look For

While buying duvets, try to look for the type of filling used and the fabric used in ticking. Down and feather remain the most popular filling in duvets followed by synthetic fibres. The latter is better for those who have allergies. Ticking is the outer shell of the duvet and is made of a number of materials. Try to buy duvets with cotton ticking with a thread count over 200. This will keep the filling in place while also be gentle to your skin.

Another thing to look for is the type of construction used in duvets. Baffle box construction is one in which the duvet is divided into uniform squares with each tightly packed to keep the filling in place. Sewn through box construction simply joins the ends together and the filling can move freely. It can result in a lumpy duvet that does not have a uniformity of filling.

Large duvets can provide your family with a perfect snuggling space. You can also spread them on floor as they will offer a great playing field to your children.

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