Tips for adding Warmth to Bedrooms


As the winter is here, you may be wondering how to have a warm and cosy bed ready at night.  You don’t need to spend whole lot to bring a feeling of comfort to your bedroom. Following are some inexpensive decorating tips that can easily help in adding warmth. It does matter where bed located in the room is but you can find ways to turn your bedroom in a cosy place.

Tips for adding Warmth to Bedrooms

First of all try not to have the head board under a window, give your bedroom a setting that appeals you, where you sleep has a lot of impact on your personal energy, mental attitude and love life.

If your bedroom has hardwood floor, lay a plush area rug that will give you feel of warmth in a cold winter night.

Putting some extra pillows on your bed would give you inviting feel but make sure they are soft and you are not allergic to such soft material in them.

Prefer to have bedding fabrics like fleece, flannel, chenille and soft wool.  You can also throw a dark colour blanket which would certainly add warmth.

Replace bulbs in your night stands to warmer light as well as replace lampshades with soothing colours like yellow.

Make bedroom surrounding full of things that you love. Display photos of your loved one the walls or dressing table.

Have some mirrors on the wall, especially if you have a small room, a large mirror would help. Keep mirrors in a position so that some light is reflecting to cause romantic atmosphere.

If you can afford, repaint the bedroom with reds and gold tones such as honey or butterscotch.

Last but not least, having couple of candles lighted at nigh would also give you warm feel.

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