Do towels use combination of special yarn


Do towels use combination of special yarn

Do Towels Use Special Yarn?

There is a confusion among the minds of buyers when it comes to yarn used in towel manufacturing.  Some think that a special yarn is used to make towels. Others are of the opinion that the same fabrics are used for making towels but their weaving patterns are different. The reality lies between the two. Towels are made both from pure cotton as well as from synthetic materials. A blend of cotton and synthetic materials is considered the best combination for making towels.


Textile research institutes around the world continue exploring newer varieties of cotton and variants for making clothing items. The same research institutes conduct investigations into yarns that are used for making towels. It has been found that reinforced cotton works better for making towels than one that comes from pure fibres. Reinforced cotton yarns are those that include varying quantities of polyester and synthetic fibres. These fibres are added to towel making yarn to give it the strength and flexibility required for manufacturing.

Egyptian cotton is considered the best yarn for making towels. It is known for its soft texture and durability that gives towels the distinctive plush feeling. Towels made from Egyptian cotton also last much longer than those made from other varieties.

Synthetic Yarn

Synthetic yarn has seen an increase in use among towel manufacturers. Some have increased the ratio of synthetic fibres to cotton to give towels more elasticity and lustre. Synthetic fibres are still considered a less desired item in towel manufacturing. While it has been found that synthetic fibres increase the flexibility of cotton, they do not give it the plush feeling that is the top most priority of most buyers. Cotton thus remains the yarn of choice for towel manufacturing and Egyptian varieties are considered the queen of all yarns.  There are may towel manufacturers who produce towels as per specs of their buyers, Canaria Textile is one the major towel manufactures in Asia, if you have any specific need in size of special yarn, consult them to make the right choice.