Beach towels are an oft-neglected items


Beach towels are an oft-neglected items

How to care for Beach Towels?

Beach towels are an oft-neglected item. People use them roughly and then throw them in the darkest corners of their laundry. Many do not even care to wash their beach towels before taking them on another trip. You will thus find many beach goers lying on dusty and dirty towels that create a very bad impression. People think of such persons as dirty and unhygienic. Chances of a romantic outing also go down as fewer people will be attracted to a person rolling on a stained towel.

It is therefore important that you wash your beach towels as soon as you return home. Washing beach towels require more effort than your regular towels. Still, it is not as difficult as you might think. You can toss the towel into your washing machine and put it on the cleaning mode. A mild detergent will be enough to remove stains from the towel.

The next step will be of drying the towel. It is not recommended that you use machine dryer except in cases where you need to hit the beach again in a few hours. Natural drying retains the original texture and flexibility of the towel and helps in prolonging its life. Spread the towel on a clean surface, preferably under sunlight and let it dry. You can also hang it on a rope as long as you are not overstretching it. Beach towels tend to lose their tensile strength quicker than ordinary bathroom towels. Their large size plays a role in this regard.

Beach towels are not as frequently used as their bathroom counterparts. With proper care, you can use the same towel for months and even years. The life of a beach towel, however, will be shorter than its bathroom counterparts if you do not follow proper washing and drying instructions for beach towels.