Are Thick and Heavy Towels Good for You?


Are Thick and Heavy Towels Good for You?

Are Thick and Heavy Towels Good for You?

People do not like thick and heavy towels but still use them out of necessity. These towels are despised for their heavy construction where it is difficult for people to handle them. Those with heavy frame and taller heights can manoeuvre the towels easily but most people do not fall into this category. Children and women dislike using a heavy towel but have no choice in some cases. It is thus better to buy towels that are easier to use instead of going for the regular heavier designs.


There are some advantages of using heavy towels. They will dry you instantly, leaving no moisture on your body. Heavy towels have excellent absorption quality and that is the only reason they are still commonly used around the world. These towels come in handy after a bath when your body is dripping and you need a quick and effective drying mechanism. A heavy towel can provide you with the opportunity to get dry in a minute and get going with your routine.


The biggest disadvantage of using heavy towels is that they are not user friendly. You cannot handle them with ease due to their weight and size. Women and children feel unable to handle them properly and find it a exercise in itself to wrap a heavy towel around their bodies. Heavy towels are good absorbers of moisture but they also take more time to dry out. You need to place them in sunlight for hours or use heavy duty machine dryers. This is not the case with lighter towels that dry quickly and are ready for use again.

The choice between heavy and light towels can be made by the users themselves. They need to keep the handling factor in mind as well as the weight of a towel. Towel manufacturers produce towels as per specs of the buyer, Canaria Textile is one the major towel manufactures in Asia, if you have any specific need, consult them to make the right choice.