Drying Towels after use, dry right after use


Drying Towels after use, dry right after use

How To Dry Towels?

It is quite an exercise to dry towels. Some think that it is near impossible to ensure a complete drying out of towel. Others try their best and employ a number of drying methods such as hanging on a rope or using a machine dryer. You can find the best way of drying towels by acting upon the tips listed below.

Different Drying Mechanism

Towels need a different drying mechanism than other fabrics. This is because of their unique construction. Towels are made of heavier varieties of cotton or synthetic fibres. These materials take more time in drying than an ordinary towel that is made of a single layer of pure cotton. Towels are excellent absorbent of moisture that seeps deeper into their polymer molecules. Ordinary drying does not ensure that this moisture will be removed from the towel. Thus special drying mechanism or using standard methods for longer periods of time are employed to ensure thorough drying.


Hang your towel on a rope, on the door, or on the rack and this will help in drying. Most people follow this principle and achieve some success. It is but another thing that it takes forever to get the towels dry. You need to follow a different hanging pattern to avoid longer drying time. You can do that by hanging your towel with restraints attached on both sides. You can thus place your towel between two ropes and secure it with clips instead of hanging it on a single rope. This will expose more area to the sun and will help in quicker drying. Do not overstretch the towel as this will result in a drape that will spoil its look and feel.

Machine Drying

It is equally good if you use a machine dryer for the purpose. The only thing you need to be careful about is to use a drying mode that does not damage the fabric. It is always good to hang the towel after taking it out from the dryer. This will keep the towel in shape as long as you have not tried to overstretch it.  Drying towels is not a difficult job as long as you avoid over stretching and use innovative ways of manual or machine-based drying. Drying Towels right after use is important otherwise they will smell bad, dry right away in air or put in dryer.

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