What is the Last Step in Towel Making?


What is the Last Step in Towel Making?

Stitching labels is the Last Step in Towel Production

Towel making is a simple process when compared to procedures employed for making clothing items. Although the process is simple, there are complexities involved that may affect the quality of the finished product. First and foremost is the type of fabric chosen for making the towel. Cotton is no longer used as the fabric of choice for towel making. Polyester and synthetic fibres have also gained currency among towel manufacturers. Cotton, however, still enjoys popularity among those who want to use the finest quality towels. It is a fact that cotton is the only material that can be turned into soft and absorbing towels.


The process involved in towel making includes everything from yarn selection to warping, weaving, cutting and folding. These processes are performed in a systematic order where many like to weave their own yarns instead of buying from bulk suppliers. Cutting and folding are two important steps where towels get their unique shape and patterns. There has been a major expansion of cuts and features of towels in recent years.

Final Step

The final step in towel making is one where the workers pack the items and send them to the warehouse. The packaging essentially includes the stitching of both edges and the attachment of tags. These tags bear the name of the company as well as include information about the specifications and washing instructions. It is thus always recommended to see the instructions on the tag before washing a towel. Some manufacturers also list the right way of hanging the towel after washing so as to avoid the drapes that spoil its looks.

Towel making is an interesting but time consuming process. Manufacturers weaving their own yarn and conducting all the processes of towel making in an in-house facility are almost always the ones that offer highest quality towels.