Why some are so fond of denim?


Why some are so fond of denim?

Some people are so fond of denim that they even sleep in that. Yes, that is true. Denim is the base material for jeans, which is one of the most commonly worn clothing items in the world. Denim is a cotton twill fabric that has been around for centuries. It was however in the 19th century when it was used in the making of jeans. The fabric has since become the staple of designers all around the world.

Along with jeans, denim is used in making jackets and shirts. It is a rugged fabric but does not irritate the skin. This has what turned denim into a comfortable casual wear item. You can wear it to work, a formal dinner or a casual evening stroll. You can also sleep in that. Initially, it was considered bad manners to sleep in denim trousers. Now it is becoming a fashion statement.

The birth of denim pyjamas has reinforced the claim of die-hard denim fans that used to say that it is the perfect sleep wear. Denim pyjamas use a combination of the original fabric along with standard cotton or synthetic fibres. This adds to the comfort level while also creating a new look.

Denim comes in two main types. Selvage is the type of denim that forms a clean edge that does not unravel. It is the purest form of denim that is extensively used in making jeans. The second type is the stretch variety that uses elastane and related materials to add a factor of “give.” Both types of denim are easily washable and can last for years. In recent years, coloured denims have also gained popularity. The colour is achieved by dying the denim in full or in parts.

People of all ages and sexes love denim. This has ensured that it will remain a popular type of fabric for many more centuries to come.

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