Skinny Jeans for girls, sure they look smart in them


Once considered a taboo item, skinny jeans have now entered the realm of casual fashion wear. Almost exclusively worn by women, skinny jeans are known for enhancing the figure and creating an attractive look. Some places have also started allowing women to wear this type of jeans to work. Formal business environments, however, are still hostile to skinny jeans.

There are three main types of skinny jeans. You can choose a variety that best suits your needs.

Normal Fit

This type of skinny jeans is similar to regular denim except for the fitting. The waist is relatively loose and the jeans are perfect for those who do not want exposure. They can still enjoy the tight fitting but will be able to cover their buttocks. The length of this type of jeans is the same as regular denim.


Many girls want to wear low-rise skinny jeans. These type of jeans have a tighter fit. They also have a lower waist line that offers significant exposure. Low rise jeans are not allowed in most work places. These are mostly suitable for parties as well as a beachwear item. The length of this type of jeans is similar to the one in the normal fitting skinny jeans.

Capri Fit

Some skinny jeans combine the elements of low-rise as well as Capri pants. Their length varies from below the knees to above the ankles. They offer freedom of movement and major exposure. This type of skinny jeans is mostly worn at beaches as well as in parties and casual events.

Skinny jeans have gained a large following among women of all ages. They have entered mainstream and newer cuts have ensured that they are suitable for everyone. You can thus wear them while still managing to avoid exposure. They are equally good for those seeking full exposure.