The diversity in Jeans, the magic of denim shades


The diversity in Jeans, the magic of denim shades

The magic of denim seems to be a never-ending phenomenon. Ever since its introduction to the larger public in the late 19th century, the jeans have become a preferred dress for men, women and children. Denim is a comfortable fabric that does not need regular ironing and can last for years. Many swear by the style of jeans that has been worn out after years of use. It is worn as some kind of a fashion statement and still looks good.

The original denim is available in blue and has a defined texture. There have been many variations in the standard design though. You will now find the jeans to be available in many colours. It is woven in different patterns and comes with many additional features. The size and fitting has also seen a revolution. Modern jeans come in both skin hugging as well as loose-fitting sizes.

The simplest innovation in jeans is to dye it in another colour. Thus was born the black and grey jeans that attained their colour after going through industrial dying. The popularity of these colours encouraged manufacturers to introduce other combinations. Contemporary pair of jeans is much different from what labourers used to wear in the American Wild West.

Modern jeans come with many unique design features. It is not uncommon to sea jeans with intricate embroidery and embellishments. While the latter is reserved mostly for women, many men also like some thread work on their jeans. The younger generation is particularly fond of such features. They want their pair of jeans to be adorned with embroidery, mirror work, digital images and other variations.

Faded jeans remain as popular as ever where lighter shades are created on regular denim through bleaching and other processes. This creates a chic look, the magic of denim shades,  that remains a favourite of men and women around the world.