Low Rise Jeans For Women


Low Rise Jeans For Women

Low rise jeans are no longer considered a taboo piece of clothing. They have gained a large following among the young and old alike. Low rise jeans differ from their traditional counterpart in cuts and design. There is no major difference in construction or quality otherwise. Low rise jeans are designed in such a way that they can be worn around the lower waist. While bending or moving, this exposes the upper part of the buttocks. Low rise jeans are thus valued for their sexy cuts and the oomph factor associated with them.

Low rise jeans tend to come in tighter fitting than normal denim. This is because of the general desire among wearers to expose their legs and buttocks. Some people find it hard to adjust the jeans given its fitting. Manufacturers thus add both button and zip flies to help in better adjustment of jeans.

There is a greater variation of design in this type of jeans. You will find them in plain blue denim, embroidery, embellishments and other design variations. Low rise jeans often have smaller back pocket size as it is difficult to manoeuvre your hands to reach to that region. Some designs have stopped adding back pockets and use the additional space for patchwork, embroidery and ornamentation.

The only drawback of low rise jeans is that you cannot wear them to formal events. Even in casual settings, some people may not like the exposure these jeans give. Low rise jeans make for excellent party wear, evening strolls as well as when going to the beach. Denim Capri pants have also introduced low cuts and are immensely popular among beach goers.

You can start with jeans that have relatively modest cuts. Once comfortable with the design, you can start experimenting with bolder cuts that give more buttock exposure.

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