Different Shades Of Denim, blue is the universal


Different Shades Of Denim

Unlike common perceptions, denim is available in many shades and colours. Blue is the universal denim colour but you can find many shades of it in the same denim store. Original denim is one that has a dark blue colour. This is considered the gold standard in the denim industry. Some manufacturers further darken the colour by adding blue dyes. This creates very dark blue jeans that are prized by denim aficionados.

Another shade of denim is light blue. It has gained popularity in recent years. The colour is achieved by reducing the original dark blue colour of denim by adding lighter dyes. This results in a light blue shade that is preferred by the young and hip crowd. You will find varying hues of light blue in denim. Some of these may appear sky blue while others have a sea blue shade.

Faded shades are equally popular. They have been around for decades and were popularized by the Hippies. You will find faded shades in the middle central part of the jeans while the rest has a dark or light blue complexion. Newer varieties incorporate an innovative take on fades where you will find defined patterns of fade and original blue colour.

Apart from the regular blue colours and variants, you can also dye your jeans in a colour of your choice. It is not uncommon to find white, black and red jeans. These colours are achieved by bleaching the original colour and introducing new shades. The process can be done either at the initial manufacturing process or during later stages.

The diversity of shades and colours has enabled customers to find the best shade of their choice. This was not the case a generation ago when people had to contend with the regular blue denim and faded varieties.

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