Ripped Jeans are always in fashion, how to do it?

Ripped Jeans
Ripped Jeans are always in fashion, how to do it?

Go for shopping or watch students in college or university, ripped jeans are everywhere. Not only are they popular, they make a fashion statement. For people who wish to look cool and casual, ripped jeans is a perfect option to pair with a nice t-shirt. However it is more trendy in summer than winter.

Select a pair of jeans that fits you well, put it on so that you know exactly you where to create torn from. Don’t use a brand new jeans as it may not look nice with ripped style. Don’t rip the dark colour jeans either as they may not look real. The idea is to give a feel of worn out in a natural way.

Put your jeans on and use a marker to make few spots where you wish the rip to appear then remove the jeans and flatten on a plan surface. It would look nice to torn jean from front only, not back. People mostly observe your style from front.  Place a card board or any piece of hard surface in the jean underneath the marked area. The idea is that sharp object should does not cut through the fabric and damage the back of jean.

Simple hols made by scissor may not look as good as cuts appearing horizontally. Next, use a sharp object like knife or blade to cut the marked locations horizontally, few scratches vertically to cut the threads, then use strong sandpaper to rub off threads and create worn out feel.

With the ripped jeans you have to be gentle while putting them on, you have to careful that your foot doesn’t go through the knee hole and rip it further. However,  wearing ripped jeans with the passage of time will get bigger and bigger which eventually would go to bin.

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