Why Bathrobes Do Not Have Buttons On The Front?


Why Bathrobes Do Not Have Buttons On The Front?

Why Bathrobes Do Not Have Buttons On The Front?

There is a peculiar aspect of bathrobes. They do not come with buttons but instead have laces that can be tied together. Although there has been much innovation in the style and cuts of bathrobes, the basic tie-down feature remain the same. There are many reasons for this originality of design, some of which are listed below.

Tie-down is Simple

As compared to buttons, a tie-down philosophy works fine for bathrobes. Unlike regular shirts, bathrobes need a simpler wearing strategy. You cannot spend time buttoning or unbuttoning the robe on a slippery bathroom floor. Wearing a bathrobe will become a difficult job when you need a warm and comfy cover after a hot bath. All you need to do is to tuck in the robe laces and you are ready to go. You will spend at least two to three minutes buttoning up otherwise and this will not result in a comfortable feeling.

Buttons can dislodge

It often happens that the buttons break when you try to wear a shirt in haste. This does not happen in a bathroom where the floor is slipper and there are space constraints. Buttons tend to break whenever you try to rough up the process of wearing a shirt. Apply the same situation in a bathroom where you need to button up your bathrobe. The slippery floor, little space and humid conditions will make it difficult for you to button up. A traditional bathrobe comes in handy as all you need to do is to tuck in the laces of the robe.

All things considered, bathrobes look much better with their conventional look and tying-up philosophy. Newer designs of bathrobes with buttons were introduced in the past but failed to gain popularity. It reinforces the belief that people still like to tie up a bathrobe instead of buttoning it up. One can still have a custom designed bathrobe made for themselves, if you are a hotel purchase manager or a procurement officer and need bathrobes in bulk, don’t forget to visit the website of Canaria Textile , they are one the major home textiles manufactures in Asia, if you have any specific need, consult them to make the right decision.

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