Stay Casual With Plush Bathrobes


Stay Casual With Plush Bathrobes

Bathrobes are no longer used for the sole purpose of drying after a bath. People are using them as an alternative to casual attire to roam around in their homes. Bathrobes can provide you great comfort while having breakfast after a steaming bath. You can watch your favourite film or listen to music while wearing an elegant bathrobe.

Bathroom is not the Limit

As the traditional terrycloth bathrobes are being replaced with alternative fabrics, they are giving the wearers an opportunity to go beyond the bathroom. Diversity in design and fabric type is the reason why people are turning to bathrobes as a casual home wear. Earlier, bathrobes used to be made of heavier materials, usually terrycloth. While good at absorbing water, the robe was not very comfortable.

It is not the case with modern bathrobes. They are made from cotton, microfibre, silk, polyester, satin and a number of other fabrics. Terrycloth is still in vogue though mostly limited to bathrooms and bedrooms. Microfibre is a special fabric that is made of synthetic materials. It allows the body to breathe freely and is thin while still having significant absorption qualities. Woollen bathrobes are good for colder climates and are available in simple, embroidered and embellished varieties.


You can have a stroll in your home garden in a bathrobe that looks chic and elegant. Modern bathrobes come with slicker cuts. They also have an equally diverse collar designs. Kimono-style robes are popular among men and women alike. Shawl bathrobes have collars similar to dinner jackets whereas hooded bathrobes offer better drying for hair.

Long flowing bathrobes that are made of lighter fabrics like microfibre are good for people who do not want to layer up in hot weather. You can have your breakfast in them as it will be truly unique experience. Why not stay Casual With Plush Bathrobes!

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