Bathrobes, your comfort and ease at home


Of course bathrobes are fancy add-ons to our wardrobe necessities but Comfort and ease are top priorities when considering buying a bathrobe. In fact, bathrobes perform three main functions as putting them on after bath prevents chills, cotton bathrobe are absorbent and help drying process while providing warmth,  covering up with bathrobe after swimming provides absorbency and barrier against breeze and sunlight. Think of a day which bring you down and what will cheer you up instantly, would it be nice to put on bathrobe to snuggle up in while sipping on a relaxing cup of tea. With all types of bathrobes available out there, it must be said that cashmere bathrobes are definitely the number one choice but they are expensive. You may have to think twice because buying cashmere can get quite pricey, but when you pull it on and set off to start your day, you would see that it’s worth every cent.

What’s more, cashmere bathrobes are lightweight and are easy to store. They’re also convenient to pack when it comes to travelling and can be used during the night, morning, day and evening too. Another plus point would be that it’s actually very easy to clean at home, a short soak in a tub of water, rinse and dry would do the trick. The silk robe provides the best of both, the warmth and breathability. One thing I have personally tried, after having sex with my partner, taking a showing and spending hours and hours in bathrobes gives me lot of pleasure and relaxation.

Bathrobes come in many styles, one can find towel style bathrobes wrap around your torso and usually fasten with a hook and loop closure. Again, if you want such bathrobes in your specific colour and specs, Canaria can manufacture such products for you.  Fleece, flannel and cashmere are ideal bathrobes for cold climates, plush full length robe with hem closures retain body heat to ward off chills and hooded bathrobes are great for wet hair. Try it yourself and if you need bathrobes in bulk quantity contact