Perfect bathrobes for romantic couples


Perfect bathrobes for romantic couples

Fewer things can be more romantic than lounging in bathrobes after a steamy shower and sipping coffee or other drinks of your choice. An elegant and plush bathrobe not only brings comfort but also enhances your personality. While selecting robes for your spouse, keep in mind not only the style and comfort but also the personal likes and dislikes. Don’t underestimate your bathrobes especially if you are planning a romantic date with your partner.

Bathrobes come in all shapes and sizes. Some come with minimal design features except for a long flowing robe of monotonous tones. Others have embroidery, embellishments, special cuts and even images printed on them. There is a special type of bathrobes for couples. This bathrobe is shorter in size and may enhance your chances of a lovely evening with your partner. Fabrics commonly used to make the bathrobe include microfibre, plush cotton, silk and terry cloth.

For females, this type of bathrobe comes with elaborate features and is made of a number of fabrics. Silk and cotton remain the preferred fabric and have intricate embroidery, strategic cuts, kimono-styled designs and other eye-catching features. For men, the bathrobes are relatively longer in size. They may not have as elaborate features as their female counterpart but are of matching colour. Apart from the traditional designs, some couples like to experiment with their bathrobes. They can try thematic designs such as those derived from Star Wars with hoods and buckles.

Although design and style take precedence, comfort should never be compromised. Bathrobes are used to provide cosiness after a refreshing bath. There is a possibility that a bathrobe with rough texture and finish may lead to serious discomfort thus disrupting whatever plans you had for the evening. Some fabrics can also cause skin allergy. Cotton thus appears as the most reliable fabric for bathrobes and the encouraging thing is that you will find many innovative designs in this material.

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