Head Wraps can accentuate your style


Head Wraps can accentuate your style

Head wraps are most commonly used to dry hair after a bath. Women are the primary users of this piece of clothing given their long and waving hair that cannot be dried with an ordinary towel. In Africa, head wraps are part and parcel of the colourful tribal attire. These have also found their way into contemporary Western attire. Whether you want to use head wrap for drying your hair or using it as a fashion statement, the lines below will help you in finding the perfect fabric.

Bathing Head Wraps

The most popular type of head wraps are those used for drying hair. These are made from a variety of materials including cotton, synthetic fibre, silk, polyester and terrycloth. The last of these fabrics is most commonly used for making head wraps. It can absorb large amounts of moisture from your hair and helps in quick drying. Other fabrics, however, are gaining currency among women who want to try something different.

This diversity comes from head wraps made from cotton. These head wraps have significant moisture-absorbing capabilities. They are also lighter than terrycloth thus you do not feel any pressure on your head.

Clothing Head Wraps

These head wraps are used for casual wear and enjoy great popularity among African diaspora. Terrycloth is the least used item for this type of head wrap. Cotton and silk head wraps are preferred as they provide protection from dust and heat while enhancing your personality.

While selecting clothing head wraps, it is important to look at their design, fabric and colour. Wearing synthetic head wraps can impede the flow of air and you may end up with skin allergies. This is especially true when using the head wraps in summer when your hair and skin needs ample room for breathing.

You can use head wraps as your reliable hair drying cloth. You can also use them to add a new vibe to your attire.

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