Cotton terry slippers are considered the epitome of luxury


Cotton terry slippers are considered the epitome of luxury

The soft and cosy cotton terry slippers provide great comfort to your feet after taking a refreshing bath. While the upper layer of the slippers is made of terry cloth, the sole comes in a variety of materials to ensure that there is no chance of slipping on the wet bathroom floor.  On thing is for sure that they all have foam base for comfort and cotton to maintain the dryness. In the market, closed toe and open toe both are available, and both are considered comfortable slipper ideal for lounging in a hotel room.

Most of the time they come in white colour and some cotton terry slippers are good for one-time use only; others can be worn for weeks and months. The latter type of terry slippers is more popular owing to the economy involved and you can wash them in laundry machine. You can wash these slippers as per the manufacturer’s instructions and they will be as good as the new ones. Alternatively, you can use disposable slippers that are good for one-time use.

Some of the hotels around the world offer them as gift for their guests. These slippers can have a standard design that remains as popular today as it was years ago. Most terry slippers come in a closed-toe design and are usually wider than average sandals. There are not as many size variations in cotton terry slippers as in ordinary sandals. You will find some in a one-size-fits-all format while others come in small, medium and large.  Most cotton terry slippers are made of white cotton but they can be dye to any colour, some use tiny pieces of embroidery and embellishments. This is especially true for ladies terry slippers that have seen a design revolution in recent years.