Managing your Towels at home


Managing your Towels at home

Towels piling up on counter tops, door handles, bathroom sinks or kitchen floors create a negative vibe. They represent the lack of aesthetics of the inhabitants and also show that hygiene is not a top priority in that house. Towels can be managed very easily based on their level of cleanliness, location and use.

Bathroom Towels

Towels are most commonly used in the bathroom. This is also the place where one can see the real aesthetics of a household. Bathroom towels are made of a number of fabrics but cotton and terrycloth remain the preferred materials. Terrycloth is a good absorbent of water but takes longer time to dry. Cotton, however, can dry quickly.

If the bathroom has both types of towel, it is better to use a standard rack or bar for used towels. A special cabinet for towels will make management easier. A basket for dirty towels should be placed in the bathroom to attain a cleaner a look.

Another idea is to buy towels in different colour schemes. This way, each person can have a supply of two towels of a similar colour. Children might upend the towel management scheme but mishaps can be avoided by tying colourful ribbons on their towels and making a separate cabinet for them. It is even better to ask them to manage their towels on their own so as to inculcate a sense of responsibility.

Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels need a separate management policy. They are made of a diverse number of fabrics including cotton, silk, satin, polyester and synthetic materials. It is better to manage towels based on their construction and the purpose for which they are used. Oven doors provide an excellent hanging place for kitchen towels. A separate rack can also be used for this purpose.

Spending a little time and effort in managing towels can significantly reduce the hassle of scouring for a cleaner one in the time of need. It also makes washing and cleaning easier and helps in creating a slicker look in bathrooms and kitchens.