Bright colour can enhance decor and uplift mood


You cannot ignore the colour scheme of your bath towels but also can’t ignore the happy summer moods. Doing so will impact your bathroom décor and not having a lively colour towel in summer may dull your spirit. It might also influence your mood negatively. Bath towels are not just basic accessories but also offer insight into a person’s sense of style. Brighter colours can help you enhance the décor as well as uplifting your spirits.

Why Orange?

There is no ideal colour for bath towels. It depends on your preferences. If still undecided, you can settle on orange. Although considered a bright colour, orange has the ability to soothe your nerves and alleviate the stress. Orange is a flamboyant colour that can get you out of stress and infuse new energy. According to psychologists who study colours, orange is an energetic colour. It is associated with fun and excitement. This means that you can use orange coloured towels for romantic baths.


The good thing about orange colour is that it is easier to find even if you are looking for synthetic towels. Traditional terry-cloth towels are available in many shades of orange as well. Other fabrics are equally diverse when it comes to shades and hues of orange. You can buy plain orange towels or those with intricate prints.


There is no special care required for towels that come in orange hues. It entirely depends on the fabric from which the towels are made of. Terry-cloth is a very tough fabric and will not lose its colour or texture easily. You may have to be more careful if the towel is made of synthetic materials. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding washing and drying and you will be able to use the towels for years.

Orange can be a good way of starting things if you think that your bathroom has a poor selection of towel colours. You can later incorporate other colours and improve the visual appeal of your towel stack. If you are looking for buying bright colour towels in huge quantity, Canaria is one of the major sources of cotton towels in the world.

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