Towel after Shower, soft gentle rub does it all


Towel after Shower, soft gentle rubbing does it all

Some people think of towelling as an art form, you must have seen some young people playing with towel after shower by wrapping around themselves. There have been guides and instructional videos on how to rub and dry your body with a towel after taking a bath. You will also find tips and tricks on using towels in such a way that it does not cause rashes or skin allergies. One thing most agree on is that towels are a must-have item for any bathroom as well as kitchens, gardens and other parts of a home.

Towels remain an integral part of bathrooms. Although you always have the option to forgo towel use, it is not a recommended strategy. Doing away with the use of towels can cause multiple problems such as health issues. Prolonged exposure to moisture can affect your skin. There is also a risk of slipping and falling if your hands and feet are not dry.

It is not necessary to use large bath robes. You can continue using the small towel that has been with you for quite some time. The only thing you need to be careful of is the right way of using your towel.  Do not rub it against your skin as if you are scratching it. This can cause rashes and even boils. A gentle rubbing is enough to ensure proper absorption of moisture.

You can also use bath sheets that can be wrapped around like a shawl. Sheets are lighter than regular terry-cloth towels. This makes them lighter on your skin though they do not come at the cost of absorption qualities. Bath sheets are equally good in absorbing moisture and keeping you dry.

It is a good idea to start using towels. You can start with bath sheets if you are wary of the heavy terry-cloth towels. You can also use a small wiping towel to dry your hair and the neck. Remember, towel after Shower with soft gentle rubbing.

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