Salons prefer dark brown towels


Salons prefer dark brown towelsSalons all over the world prefer dark brown towels for one simple reason that they hide minor colouring unlike white towels shows that very obvious.  There are many manufactures of dark shades towels and one of them is Canaria Textile. Canaria towels are made from the highest quality yarn, which gives superior softness, absorbency and durability. The pile will keep its appearance wash after wash. The towels shipped to Australia are of excellent quality, dark brown or black are demanded in salons world over. Salon towels for Australia are manufactured using top quality ring spun yarn where the fibres are tightly twisted, compacted together to create a tougher, smoother and finer yarn. Unlike low-twist cotton, ring spun cotton is constructed from a combination of long and short staple yarn. Ring spun towels offers the advantages of great comfort and a durable quality. Canaria Tex quality team ensured that these towels will give a customer a softer feel and longer life.

These towels are used in Salons and a very important feature of these towels is that they are Anti Chlorine and Bleach Resistant. In these towels fibres are treated under pressure to resist staining and colour change. The fastness of these towels is 90 Degrees. Canaria Textile is looking forward to introduce these towels to their other current and prospective customers around the world including Europe, America and the Middle East. Key feathers of these towels are:

1.       100% cotton in Ring Spun or Combed Yarn

2.       Quality 400, 500, 600 and 650 GSM

3.       Vat Dyed Bleach Resistant Towel

4.       Fastness 90 degrees

5.       Anti Chlorine and Bleach Resistant

6.    Available in various sizes as per the client’s specification.

7.     Towels are Stain Resistant

8.      Strong and durable with minimum shrinkage.

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