Weaves, variety and the preference


Cotton bedroom sheets are manufactured and sold in several different weaves. Sateen weaves are soft and smooth, but with a shorter life, while a standard weave cotton sheet is usually more durable and long lasting, but less soft and comfortable than sateen. Pinpoint weaves are generally softer than standard-weave sheets and have greater durability than sateen-weave sheets. There are also twill weaves, which are soft, durable, and produce a smooth, wrinkle-free sheet.

Weaves, variety and the preference

Cotton sheets are the most common type sold and are available in an array of thread counts and weaves. There are many different types of bedroom sheets with various degrees of comfort, durability and lifespan. Polyester bedroom sheets are constructed of durable, man-made materials that can sometimes be uncomfortable on which to sleep. Another option includes satin sheets, which are very attractive, but not particularly comfortable, while silk bed coverings usually have a soft, luxurious feel.

When selecting bed sheet, note that lighter colour bed sheets will show stains easier than darker colure ones, darker colour bed sheets will show fading from washing easier than lighter colure ones, if you choose a pattern, make sure you can buy the same pattern in the future if the bed sheets get damaged or need to be replaced.

Bed sheets come in a variety of fabric types like cotton, polyester, silk, and mixed one. Pick a fabric that appeals you; you may visit a bedding store to feel and test the fabrics in person. However keep the following in mind when choosing a fabric, Polyester or cotton/poly blends will tend to feel uncomfortable in high humidity and rayon sheets will feel cooler to the touch than cotton.

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