Thinking of Duvet gives a feel of Sleep well


Duvet is a French word for down, duvets are like comforters, except that they have replaceable, washable covers just like large pillows there are pillowcases. In simple words, a duvet is a bag filled with feathers or to create a warm bed covering that takes the place of quilts and bedspreads. 

Duvets with nice covers, cosy designs, patterns and fabric quality adds up to its value. Covers are useful because duvets usually cannot be washed but one can easily wash covers. Water would destroy the stuffing inside duvets so don’t try it.  Duvet covers can be laundered along with the sheets and pillowcases. This keeps the duvet fresh as well. Duvets covers come with buttons, zip or tie at one end to keep the cover secure and protects stuffing to come out.

Duvet cover come in various colours and sizes and shoppers can find duvet covers in nearly any store that sells bedding, or online. A duvet fitting a queen-sized bed needs a queen-sized duvet cover.  Some covers are even reversible, with coordinating patterns or colours, so the home owner can change the feel of the room without having to completely redecorate. Duvet covers are made of cotton, suede, silk, etc all depends upon how much can you afford. Normally Duvet Cover sizes are for

• Single 137cm x 200cm

• Double 200cm x 200cm

• King 230cm x 220cm

• Super King 260cm x 220cm

Sizes do vary according to the requirement of the customer. For duvets with standard knife edge, button or zipper you can go to to explore.

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