Denim, girls love them, they call it part of their skin


Denim, girls love them, they call it part of their skin, it’s fashion statement for them

Have you ever wondered what colour of dress would complement your skin tone the most? If you look yourself in mirror, different shades of jeans and shirts would give you different look, that’s why girls love to have so many pairs of jeans in their closet to combine with different styles of shirts. Jeans are trousers made from cotton, technically it’s cotton twill and many people even don’t count this into fabric category. However, now jeans have become an international clothing item and many have so much passion about it and many girls call it part of their skin.

Many people prefer to buy treated jeans as they give the much prized look of a heavily used pair of jeans. Embroidered and embellished jeans are also popular but it has been noticed that different kinds are jeans give different appeal, now even some wear jean as a formal dress too. Many people like jeans to be adorned with beads or have intricate embroidery patterns. You will find your pair of jeans to be a highly resilient piece of clothing. You can prolong the life of denim by washing it in cold water in a washing machine. Turn it inside out and wash it under the lighter mode with a mild detergent. With little care, you can wear the same pair of jeans for years. You can also wear your worn-out jeans as they will add a new dimension to your style.

There is a greater variation of design in this type of jeans. You will find them in plain blue denim, embroidery, embellishments and other design variations. Low rise jeans often have smaller back pocket size as it is difficult to manoeuvre your hands to reach to that region. Some designs have stopped adding back pockets and use the additional space for patchwork, embroidery and ornamentation.

Apart from the regular blue colours and variants, you can also dye your jeans in a colour of your choice. It is not uncommon to find white, black and red jeans. These colours are achieved by bleaching the original colour and introducing new shades. The process can be done either at the initial manufacturing process or during later stages.

Along with jeans, denim is used in making jackets and shirts. It is a rugged fabric but does not irritate the skin. This has what turned denim into a comfortable casual wear item. You can wear it to work, a formal dinner or a casual evening stroll. You can also sleep in that.  Denim, girls love them, they call it part of their skin, it’s fashion statement for them.