Being creative with the Cloth Napkins


Being creative with the Cloth NapkinsIf you are arranging a dinner party for Christmas, you can add a great conversation for your guests by placing napkins in a stylish folding way. Folding napkins in a creative way which adds new dimension to table settings and to the appearance overall. There are varieties of napkin products to select from in the market and its big textile industry for Hotels and Restaurants too. When considering folding a napkin, know the purpose behind it, whether you want this to be a piece of decoration just sitting on table or want to fold so that it becomes a holder for the silverware. Proper napkin folding involves more than just a creative flair, precise measurements and materials are needed for the best possible results. With a few creative napkin-folding ideas like pyramid, bird, aeroplane, standing fan, neck tie, or many more your dinner could be talk of the town.

For formal dining, people use cloth napkins and mostly in white colour, the image above shows Bishop’s Hat style napkin folding which is common for Christmas dinners. To fold napkins list this, you will need to select the proper size of napkin but make sure that your plates and silver also match with it, note that paper plates will not look nice with this kind of decorative folds. Cloth napkins come in several sizes which are tailored to a specific use. Even when you are doing the basic napkin folds you can be fancy in making pouch in diamond or rolling shapes. For some folding you also need to use the ring to hold fold setting in until use.

There are books available which give step by step instructions on how to fold napkins or one can find easily napkin folding guide on the net and try at home. To buy large quantity of cloth napkins, one can contact Canaria Textiles to discuss and even ask to produce cloth of your specs. Buying cloth napkins are not so hard and enjoying its use is a luxury because they need to take care, washing, sizing and ironing. If you can’t do that then prefer paper napkins, whatever you use at the dinner table is fine but napkin etiquettes should be observed where blowing nose into napkins should be avoided at every cost.