Choose napkin by keeping the casual and formal aspect of dining in mind


Choose napkin by keeping the casual and formal aspect of dining in mind

How to choose napkin for your Table?

It is unimaginable to think of a table that has been set without napkins. Although a trivial item to some, napkins play a key role in enhancing or spoiling your table décor. They are both an item of necessity as well as luxury. With a stylish napkin, you can enhance table décor and introduce a unique ambience. A poor selection of napkins will damage the ambience. The worst case scenario is one where you have forgotten to place napkins on the table. In a formal dinner, this is considered a major sin.  You can choose the best napkins for your table by keeping the casual and formal aspect of dining in mind.

Casual Napkin

Casual napkins are those that you use for your routine dining. These napkins do not need to be made of expensive silk and adorned with embellishments. You can use the ordinary white cotton napkins. Introduce colours if you like as they will brighten up the table. Casual napkins can be easily washed and dried. You can use a washing machine and dryer for this purpose. Try buying casual napkins that have greater tensile strength and lustre. This will ensure that you can use the same napkins for many months to come.

Formal Napkin

Formal napkins need to be taken seriously. It is not necessary to use expensive silk for making formal napkins. Cotton is equally good for formal napkins. The only thing you need to be cautious about is to use fine quality cotton in elegant shades. Garish colours and designs will not do any good to your table décor. Milder embellishments and embroidery goes well with a table arranged for formal dining.

Buying napkins is a fun exercise. You will be able to master the trade of napkin buying by staying focused on design, fabric type and the type of décor you want to have for casual and formal dining. There are many napkin manufacturers in the world, some can produce napkins as per specs, if you are looking for bulk buying, Canaria Textile is one the major manufactures in Asia, if you have any specific napkin need, consult for making the right decision.