Red Napkins, a perfect addition to table setting


Red Napkins, a perfect addition to table setting

Napkins form the base of any table setting. That said, not every napkin can bring the colour combination and patterns you were looking for. Despite heavy spending, people complain about poor colour combinations and fabric used in napkins. You should not follow their example. With a little effort, you can ensure a captivating table setting. Choose red napkins this time because they can reinvigorate an otherwise boring table setting.

Why Red?

The colour red can play a key role in enhancing your table setting. Before deciding the colour of napkins, look at the table setting. It is equally important to look at the type of table you want to use for the evening. Red will be a colour of choice if the table top is made of glass or other transparent material. If you are using a traditional wooden table then try matching red napkins with white sheets or dinner ware. Red can go well with black, white and other shades.

Don’t Ignore the Fabric

Ignoring the type of fabric used in napkins is not a good decision. Cotton napkins remain the gold standard in formal dinners though people have started using other materials. Satin and silk bring chic to the table whereas microfibre has a perfect delicacy due to its soft texture.

While buying red napkins, try finding a fabric that has smooth texture and greater absorbing powers. Except for terrycloth, which will not look good on a dinner table, you can try other fabrics.

Fold Carefully

You can use napkins in innovative folding designs. Keep the occasion in mind and the type of people who are invited to the dinner. Sometimes the traditional napkin folds look better than a unique style. Other times you can take liberty with the style and fold napkins in new and interesting ways.

If you do not want to spend hours fretting over the colour of napkins, start with red. It can open up your mind to great possibilities.