Little awareness for buying Napkins


Little awareness for buying Napkins

Napkins play a key role in table décor. Although they might appear frivolous, poor choice of napkins can leave a very bad impression on your guests. It is not only the folding styles that matter but also the type of fabric used in them. We have created a checklist you can follow to ensure that your napkins look stunning and enhance table décor.

1- Design

Napkins have seen a revolution in recent decades. Plain or flannel napkins are no longer in vogue. You can now choose from hundreds of designs including those that carry digitally embossed images, embroidery, embellishments and weaving patterns.

2 – Colour Scheme

While buying napkins, it is important to look at the colour scheme you want to implement in your table décor. If you are looking for a simple yet elegant theme, you can choose plain napkins and tie them up with bright ties. Alternatively, you can choose cotton or silk fabric with embroidery and match them with a plain tie.

3- Type of Dinnerware

It is equally important to keep the colour of dinnerware in mind. If the plates are white and plain, you can improvise with coloured napkins of different hues and with varying degrees of embellishments. If the dinnerware is of exquisite variety, plain napkins will look better.

4 – Usability

You cannot use expensive napkins for regular meals. These are reserved for special occasions. For regular use, traditional cotton napkins offer greater durability and are easier to clean. For the latter, you can improvise by buying napkins with little embroidery or patterns. These are not expensive and will add a new dimension to a casual table setting.

5- Cleaning

You need to be careful while washing napkins with delicate patterns or embroidery. Use the manufacturer instructions and avoid rubbing or using very hot water for washing. You can wash cotton napkins for casual use in lukewarm water with a normal detergent.

Napkin buying is an art. You can master this trade by expanding your search and looking at the fabric and material before making the purchase.