The Importance of Kitchen Towels And Napkins


The Importance of Kitchen Towels And Napkins

Kitchen towels and napkins have always remained an indispensable item. Without them, you will find it hard to ensure proper cleaning. Napkins also play a key role in table decoration. Running short of towels, on the other hand, can cause injuries if you try to pick up a hot pan or baking tray. The good thing is that you can change the look of your kitchen with intelligent selection of towels and napkins.


Kitchen towels used to come in boring designs. They were almost always made of terrycloth and had dull colours and hues. This is not the case any more. Now you will find them to be made of a variety of materials including synthetic fibres. They come in interesting designs with coloured patterns, embroidery and other features. The use of synthetic fibres has ensured that towels remain lightweight but have greater absorption capabilities.

Napkins have never been short of design variations. They come in a variety of colours and with additional features such as embroidery, embossed prints and embellishments.


Some people like to use napkins instead of towels in their kitchens. Others do not forget to have a towel at hand at the dining table to promptly clean any spillovers. You can use napkins at both locations. The only thing you should be careful of is the type of material used and design features. Dining table napkins should not come in unimpressive hues and designs. Traditional cotton napkins are still in vogue and add class to your table décor.

For kitchen, you can use less embellishment and more usability. Try matching the colour of the napkin with the overall décor. Keep a few at hand by hanging them over the oven or cabinet handle.

With a little concentration on design and materials, you can turn napkins and kitchen towels into a thing of beauty. If you are looking for kitchen towels and napkins in bulk, contact Canaria Textile for solution.