Why Celebrities love Stinger boots?


The EMU Australia Stinger is a classic style loved by EMU fans around the world.  Many celebrities love them too because sheepskin products are a must-have fashion category, no matter what circle you live in.  The EMU Stinger Hi style is made with water resistant sheepskin to keep your feet warm and dry. Water resistant sheepskin eliminates the chances of nasty liquid stains ruining your boots. The EMU Stinger Hi features a removable anatomically correct sheepskin lined insole, which means it’s super comfortable and can be replaced if there is ever a need.  The Stinger Lo features a molded heel cup and dual layered EVA rubber outsole for better support.

With lining made from 100% Australian merino wool and breathable, natural fibers that make this boot comfortable at all times throughout the year the EMU women boot is the perfect gift to anyone you love. The boot provides comfort from the spring all the way through the winter, and it helps to keep your feet dry and odor free in any situation.

The Mini, Lo, and Hi boots can offer you amazing look and style for a much lower price than you would find on a similar competitor’s boot. These boots provide all of the support that you ultimately need for the sole, heel, and arch of your foot. They come in many different colors so you can mix and match your EMUs with almost any wardrobe selection that you make. If you are looking for in Black, Charcoal and Chocolate colours, one economical place could be Ingite Shoes.

You can wear your EMUs around the house, at the beach, or while taking a walk with a friend or family member. The amount of comfort that the boot can provide is unmatched in the industry, and the makers of these boots have obviously put a great deal of time and effort into the design and manufacturing of the footwear. While you will have to apply some of kind of suede protector to keep them from becoming dirty and worn-out, this is something that you will only have to do sporadically in order to make sure that the boots are staying in excellent shape.

Another great use for stingers is to wear it around the house when you are working on the computer or watching television. This ensures that your feet stay warm no matter what the temperature outside is, and it gives you the same cushion and padding that you would expect from many high-end shoes that you would normally wear around the house. The wool also molds to your foot very quickly, which will ultimately make it easier to find that perfect level of comfort while having the boot on.

If you are searching for a good piece of footwear that will provide your feet with a great deal of comfort and versatility, then you should look into purchasing an EMU Australia Woman’s Stinger Boots. The quality manufacturing, elegant style, and bargain price makes this a very attractive boot for most women looking to improve how they look and feel in a nice pair of boots. The next time you are looking for the perfect compliment for your outfit, explore good price at igniteshoes.co.uk for purchasing the Stinger boots and adding it to your wardrobe.

If one asks a podiatrist about these features, they will be impressed too; superior double stitched seams provide added strength so you will be hanging onto your new sheepskin favorites for a long time to come. These boots really do sting the competition hands down.

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